#HijackRAW is About More than CM Punk

The creation of  @ChicagoRAWCrowd has become the subject of much conversation. Some arguments decry chanting for Punk since it won’t bring him back, since he left on his own, and various combinations of the same. Others preach of ruining it for others in the crowd or showing disrespect to the wrestlers in the ring by chanting for someone else. 

What both sides fail to see is the movement is larger than CM Punk. If Punk comes back, Chicago will see it as a win, but it’s not their only focus.

Punk is the antithesis, the symbol of what the WWE has failed to be. He is the lost hometown hero. He may be the fire starter, he may even be the mascot, but he is not the whole cause. 

#HijackRAW is about fans uniting to voice their displeasure, about making their feelings known. It’s about making something loved the best that it can be instead of abandoning it. It’s about showing what a crowd of people can do, what the WWE Universe should mean instead of the corporate lingo it’s come to embalm. It’s about not accepting the status quo. Wrestling fans love wrestling good or bad, if they didn’t they wouldn’t keep watching even when it’s not what they want. The thing is fans still have a voice, and Chicago is choosing to use it in the way they are famous for. The building echoed for Punk before, now they’ll turn their backs on Batista and the Authority. They will make sure not just people like Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt, but Dolph Ziggler and others will get the reactions they deserve. The plans are in motion, the official manifesto set to release soon.

If you have a problem with that? Maybe you should start your own movement, attend a Raw and make it yours in your own way. That’s the beauty of WWE Universe. We all get a say in the end. We chant for who we want, some of us love the good guys, some of us enjoy the bad. Some of us chant for the humour in things, some of us like it pure, wrestling and wrestling alone. You don’t have to like what Chicago plans to do, but you don’t have to tell them they can’t do it either. If WWE taught us anything, it’s that telling someone not to chant something makes them do it. Just like the Yes Movement, Chicago will be heard. 

Personally, I can’t wait. Good luck, Chicago. We’ve always been with you and we always will.


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It’s the face of the faceless. 

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Anonymous said: Do you think Dolph and that Samantha Anne person are dating?

I have no idea what exactly Dolph and Samantha Anne did, but I think it’s safe to assume Dolph loves all women. 


Paused Smackdown and oh my god Seth what even

Seth likes to watch.


Paused Smackdown and oh my god Seth what even

Seth likes to watch.

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Because you know what it’s like to be the devil’s favourite demon. 

Because you know what it’s like to be the devil’s favourite demon. 



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I might do this just because I’m living in Australia. 

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spongebobschnooksports said: Thanks for the follow, question will your store be back up I got to see the cm punk shirts kinda late and will there be new designs?

Yes! The store has returned at http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/gimmestitches and the Chicago Made shirt along with most of the classics are once again available.

New designs will be coming soon including remixes of the I <3 Divas line and hoodies for fall. 

Thanks for all the support!